Trip to the boston wonderland in August 2013!

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I have been blessed with visiting the world famous Ken’s Bostons & Bulldogs in Dixon, Illinois USA.

Such wonderful dogs, just like the breed standard! Beautiful heads, structure, movement and wonderful temperaments – That´s what I call Boston heaven. It´s always nice to visit boston kennels, but to get such a world moving affection it takes more than one visit. You need to sit down and have a long discussion about the breed, the pedigree and life along these little cuties.

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Yleistä 28/09/2013

Slovakian juniorivalio/ Slovac juniorchampion Bratislawa Int. 17.08.2013

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Onnea Nevicata’s Grace Kellyn & Nevicata’s Elvis Presleyn lapselle Hessi  Z Certovej Záhradylle Slovakian juniorivalioarvosta!
Congrats to Hessi & Barbora & Stano for new Slovac Champion! <3

Yleistä 05/09/2013